Viral Design's First TLN LAN!

Hey everyone, I’m Max Kirkland also known as “MadMax” a long time member of the editing team Viral Design. View my demo reel here and you may recognize some of the work I’ve done both in montages and the E-Sports industry. I recently moved from the windy city of Chicago to Texas with Everett “Small” Coleman, the coach of Str8 Rippin. When I found out I was going with him to Indiana to The LAN Network house I was very excited. After I landed and was picked up at the airport by Rick Barretto along with Russo, Small, and Spikemouth, my excitement didn’t die down.

The House
Small, Russo, Invictus, Spikemouth, and I were the first ones to arrive, so we got to snag the best places to sleep early and explore the massive house. Rick led us up the stairs from the garage to the quite large “LAN” room with the streaming computers, 16 Xbox’s, Asus monitors, and Astro mixamp setups all in a neat row. From there we were led to the “red room” as it’s called for the dark red paint on the walls with a couch, 2 mini refrigerators stacked with NOS, and a huge pit of candy for the grabbing. He then showed us some more rooms, bathrooms etc. There’s also balcony on the second floor overlooking the backyard and the neighborhood. Down to the first floor, we were led into the kitchen where we met Cara who was very nice and had all our homemade meals planned out which she explained with excitement. Now to the basement, the first thing you see is a huge room with a massive projection screen, huge speakers, and a couch that could fit at least 20 people. There was a real popcorn machine like you see at the movies; the server room which also contained two DVD players both completely filled with 400 DVD’s each that you can select to play in the movie room. But that’s not it, in the basement there’s also a room filled with old (but working) arcade machines, an original Xbox with Halo 2 and a TV all in one stand like you see at Gamestop, and that same kind of setup except for an N64 with Super Mario 64.

The Experience
Later that night, Strongside and Tsquared arrived together and I went out to meet them and show them inside. I had previously done some video work for Tom (Tsquared) so I thought he knew who I was (he didn’t) …awkward. About 30 minutes later he realized who I was, he apologized and we laughed it off (facepalm…). Later that night we wanted pizza so Cara told us that there is a nice lady that drives around the neighborhood in a truck and makes incredible pizza on the spot. The pizza woman was friends with both Rick and Cara so we got to meet her as we all chowed down on some of the yummiest pizza I’ve had in a long time.

The next day some more players arrived from both STR8 and Classic early in the morning and they started some fun FFA’s. I decided I wanted to go jump in some matchmaking for fun so I got my bag and whipped out my mouse, keyboard, and XIM3 adapter. Everyone was stunned that I played Halo with a mouse and keyboard and watched for a while; I think Rick even started streaming my playing. Later that night, the rest of both teams’ members arrived and everyone decided when they’d start scrims the next morning.

Scrims started, Russo and Tsquared got heated with a bit of fun trash talking, and it was great! I did a bit of filming and played some Halo 2 with Mikwen’s friend who came down with him, and was even beating Mikwen! …For a while >_<.  The next day Rob (Invictus) and I literally signed a death waver to go ride around on a gas scooter which we saw in the garage; we did some time trials around the block and were looking for other stuff to do.  Rob decided to go explore the neighborhood came back about 10 minutes later no problem. So I thought I’d do the same… Bad idea. Long story short, I showed up about an hour and a half later in some random guys car; had parked the scooter in a gazebo by a lake since it ran out of gas from me zooming around being lost looking for the house, ha! Rob and I rode with the guy who drove me to the house over to the gazebo where we filled it with gas (I was a block away and still couldn’t find the house!) and went back to Ricks. The rest of the weekend was built around getting to know some of the players, developing friendships, gaming, and just fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better LAN. I hope to attend more TLN events in the future and hopefully push out some new video content for TLN.

Additional Pictures:


More of the arcade room.

Streaming computers.

Str8 Rippin vs Fnatic Classic

Small goes hard.