$1,500 COD Black Ops 2 Tournament

TLN is streaming another eBash tournament!!!

Yes, it's true we had some trouble for a bit.  A Halo 4 tournament that did not get enough teams to pre-register, and a LoL tournament that we were not able to stream both came down the pipe.

However, we are not going to surrender so quickly or so easily.

This Saturday starting around 1pm, TLN will be streaming the eBash $1500 Call of Duty Black Ops 2 tournament.  Details can be found here.

Also, we will be streaming this on Twitch.tv.  In the future it is our hope to bring you exclusive TLN content directly to our site stream, but for now, you can join us this Saturday the 3rd at twitch.tv/the_lan_network.  See you there!


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