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Thread: Halo 3 TLN VoD

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    Halo 3 TLN VoD

    Halo 3 LAN's VoD
    Hey guys. It doesn't look like the forum and website are very active anymore. But I was wondering who I could talk to about retrieving the old VoD footage from the halo 3 LANs years ago. I remember at the end of '09 was when this website began getting popular. I believe Triggers down and Instinct had a Lan at the end of the season. Totz I believe was still teaming with Flamesword and Ace and they were also there if I'm correct. But from that LAN until the end of the final halo 3 season in 2010 there was some absolutely amazing gameplay that I would absolutely love to go back and enjoy. I'm sure there are many of you out there who would like to watch it as well. Since the halo community is slowly coming back through JWalk's online tournaments it would be the perfect time to be able to release this VoD from all of the 3 team, 4 team and 6 team lans that took place that last season. So please if it's the new site owner or Mr. P or whoever I need to talk to about this just let me know. Thanks!

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    I agree. I would also like to have access to all the player interviews thats are private unless you have a gold membership, which i use to have!
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    As far as i remember all the old footage was stored/streamed on the old site before it was sold off and migrated. So unless someone has personal copies of it, it's gone im afraid.

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