I miss all of your faces, if any of you are like me and periodically look up this site to reminisce and happen to stumble onto this topic, you guys should join me one destiny day one. I'm starting a clan:


Besides the awesome in game stuff you can do with a clan, on bungie each clan gets it's own message board, sound familiar? It would be awesome to reconncect with all of you (except heuer, he still probably has me blocked. Wow it's funny to even think that far back) in the clan forum and in game. I don't know what everyone else has been up to, I've mostly moved on to competitive fighting games because finding teammates and practicing got to be too much of a grind for me, but I played the beta and I really enjoyed it, I think it's enough to tide me over for a couple years, or atleast until the Master Chief Collection. Anyways I hope I hear from some of you soon