I know this forum isn't frequented much anymore, but is seems the few that do are pretty dedicated.

I posted this on another thread and added it to my sig but i wanted to just kind of throw out a formal-ish announcement.

I recently launched a website based on an idea me and a coworker had several years ago. The problem is, at the moment, we had a plethora of ideas for the site, as well as several stories to get us started. Well, as time passed and it kept being put on the back burner, when i finally got around to launch day, I HAD NO CONTENT! D'OH!

Anyway, Currently it's live, and there is a contact form that can be used to anonymously submit your own content (if you have anything relevant). I'd really appreciate it if you could help me get at least some stories up on the site.


Side note, semi-related.

I build PC's on the side, and one of the things i wanted to get up on the site was an A-Z guide on how to build a PC. I know, there's a million guides out there on how to ASSEMBLE a PC, but I want to BUILD one. Ground up. I'm talking a LOT of info here!

  • usage questionaire
  • budgeting questionaire
  • how to pick parts
  • what parts to pick
  • what to do if you go over budget
  • what corners are OK to cut
  • how to plan for scalability
  • expandibility
  • unboxing
  • assembly
  • installation
  • must-have software (usually freeware)
  • removal of bloat
  • system optimization
  • benchmaking
  • burn-in
  • ... *inhales* and maybe more stuff

So, if anyone wants a new PC build and you'd be interested in learning the process inside and out, while having it recorded and live streamed to be posted on the site, please LMK! Obviously, you would pay for the parts, but I would do labor for free in exchange to use the footage.

(I'd prefer local, or close enough to Atlanta to be within driving distance, I don't want to ship a system unless I HAVE to)