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Conversation Between RichardParedes and Zee

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  1. Reach now : P
  2. Thank you, doll, <3
  3. Thanks. Same to you with Call of Duty.
  4. Good luck with 5K!
  5. Okay, please doo!!
    && I'm going to Bed anyways, goodnight Hun, sweet dreams,
    Have a good day tomorrow.
    Buhbye! <3
  6. My Schedule is really tight this week because I got kicked out of school and I have work 3-9 Mon-Wensday so I will see what I can do Babe haha <3 I'm trying really hard but I'll make up the time I miss Promise!
  7. When will you be on tomorrow?
    Btw, we demolished In 3v3's tonight!
  8. Alright I will tomorrow, I'm going to bed.
    Goodnight!! Sweet dreams!
  9. I need a Team and I got a couple Semi's on my F/L that need a Team. Add Me: Richard MisFit.
  10. Yeah for sure!(:
    I'm trying to get a team for Anaheim, know anyone looking?
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